“They allow it, yeah. After they get their takes in, they kinda allow us to do anything we want. It’s fun working in that environment with people I like. I went to high school with Zooey [Deschanel]. We know each other really well.” — Damon Wayans Jr. on Is there much improv happening on the set? x (via allaboutnewgirl)


It blows my mind that Zooey Deschanel and Damon Wayans Jr went to high school together



Guys, this hurts so good. Reminds me of why I fell in love with this show.


First Promotional Photo for the New Girl Season 4 Premiere “The Last Wedding” airing Tuesday September 16, 9 pm on FOX.


To you, Roomfriends!!

We love you, Jake Johnson.


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I Accept your Challenge!!! I Nominate Zooey Hannah Damon Riff Raff and Bachs ex girlfriends. You got 24 hrs to complete.


therealhannahsimone I DON’T LIKE MY SAMMICH. #milkchocolateoreo #bruthasfromsomeuthamuthas

Oh my god. He likes Roseanne? Okay, this is— this is your new sexual partner.